What is happening at TOW!

From TOW family to yours!

Memorial Day weekend is already gone. We hope you all have had a relaxing holiday.
Here are some important dates.
Summer starts officially Tuesday June 1st . at TOW. The calendar for Summer Camp is posted on the board at the entrance.  We will inform parents of any change or fee to pay when the date is close.
World Environment Day, June 5th.

Children will be making recycle bins to keep our environment clean the following week.

National Flag’s Day, June 14th.
We will all honor the beautiful Flag of United States. All the classroom is preparing activities and will talk to the children about the history of that important day.

Father’s Day: Sunday June 20th.
Our children are working to make this day special for all their fathers! Let us wait to see what they will make for them.
Summer Solstice, June 21st.  
We will teach our children about the meaning of the Solstice and the implications it has on the Earth.