About Us

Welcome to Time of Wonder  Academy (TOW). We are Crown Investments LLC., DBA Time of Wonder Academy.

At TOW we all know that children’s success is the most important goal of any parents. TOW takes its responsibility to create an environment that fosters positive development very seriously.

At TOW we guarantee parents the development of the intellect and  the emotional growth of their children, which assures success in their lives. And that transformation must begin at an early age in order to thrive.

At TOW parents do not pay for tuition, they pay for the future of their children.

As a parent, please let us know any concerns you may have. We can answer all your questions. Building trust between us and parents is the foundation of our educational success.

Our Programs are created under the theory of Brain Development at Early Ages which makes our programs outstanding.

Our History:

TOW was opened in 1996, offering quality educational programs provided by highly trained teachers. The years of love and perseverance allowed TOW to emerge as one of the important preschools in Tampa. Crown Investments LLC became owner of this successful center in 2003 improving the facility every year.

From the beginning, the application and implementation of new educational tools, have further grown our center. The great difference between TOW and most other educational centers is the fact that TOW is operated directly by the owners who are specialized in education at early ages and are devoted to develop the successful future of the children under their professional care.

Our educational philosophy focuses on the study of the Brain Development at Early Ages and the certified concept that the first four years of life are the most important to the cognitive system of the brain. That’s why, as concerned parents, you cannot let those first years go by without the adequate stimulation.

As Parents, providing the resources that will allow your children to become successful individuals is the best legacy you can give them.

Our Philosophy and Our Goal:

Time of Wonder Academy (TOW), under the direct management of Bianca D’Andria, is a learning center that has implemented a well thought, professional, thorough and age appropriate curriculum designed to establish a solid foundation of knowledge fostering curiosity and instilling the love of learning.

From infancy to school age, children are exposed to a set of activities and materials that are specifically designed to assist in the development of their minds, working on different areas of development, cognitive, gross and fine motor skills.

Excellence in education, it’s our tool. Developing minds of future leaders, is our goal.

At TOW we are developing the minds of Future Leaders.