What is happening at TOW!


From TOW family to yours!


Last month was our first children evaluation for VPK. Results have been amazing. Our children will be prepared for starting the new school year.
Thank you very much to Izabella’s mom and Railyn’s dad for their wonderful encouraging messages about our VPK teacher, Miss Starlena. We appreciate a lot all feedbacks that make us feel that our teachers are doing their job properly. Any goals that their children are getting at school, is our best gift.
This month we will have the evaluation for the rest of the children’s ages.
As always, you will receive the evaluation and after reading it, you must return it to the office.
However, any concerns about your child should be addressed with a member of the administrative team so that the proper resources and referrals can be provided.  Your child’s care and growth are EXTREMELY important to us, and we want to ensure that special consideration is taken for each parent when reviewing information regarding your precious Wonder.  

 Welcome to our Annual Fall Festival

This year we changed the name. It is Fall instead of Halloween, in attention of some parent’s request.
Our Festival will be on:
Friday, October 30th.
We will be decorating our classrooms and every teacher will have a decorated table.
Everyone can dress in costume as the children will be doing trick or treating in the different classrooms.
This year, for obvious reasons, parents will not be included in this festival. However, you can check our social media pages, Facebook and Instagram looking for the pictures of this event.
October 8th and October 9th, Children Fall’s Pictures will be taken.
Check the information on the black board at the entrance.