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Share this message with your child as a present from Dr Seuss in his birthday.

March 2nd.


Hello March and hello spring time! Pretty soon we are finally going to have some perfect weather to enjoy the outdoors. Teachers will be discussing with our older children outside rules for the spring, discussing more about the life cycle of animals, insects and plants. Also, in March we will be discussing more about plant growth together and plant some flowers to see the process on how plants start off as seeds and grow into something beautiful.


We are sure all parents are noticed that the children are having more structured teaching classes. Our toddlers will be learning about shapes (Circle, triangle, square, star and heart).  The children will develop fine motor skills by tracing shapes using an erasable marker and flashcards, they will also be trying to make a shape using rubber bands and other fun activities to help them learn shapes. We will also be introducing manners to the children such as saying, “please and thank you”.  We are learning words in Spanish and practicing Sign Language.


Everybody is invited to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with their children. Friday March 15th . Please remember to sign up for the information on your child’s door class.

Parents please make sure your Emails, phone numbers and cell phone are up to Date.  Don’t forget that payments are due by Monday.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!!!!