What is happening at TOW!


From TOW family to yours!

Dear Parents,
We have been very lucky that Ida has not arrived in Florida. We pray for all the people in the Louisiana who have been so affected by this huge monster. We look forward to help in some way, in addition to praying for them.
We would like to take a moment to update important information.
As everyone has read in the Parent Handbook, our Severe Weather Policy cites that the center will close if Hillsborough County Schools are closed. However, if the weather doesn’t seem dangerous, we might decide to stay open. That is a decision that will be made promptly according to the circumstances of the moment.
It is important to clarify that if we must be closed it is because we have a great responsibility to children, staff, and parents. And if the security conditions indicate that we must close the center, we will do so because that is the right decision.
Now, let’s talk about important and happy information about this month:
The center will be close on Monday, September 6th in observance of Labor Day. It is a long weekend for all of us. We certainly will enjoy that free time.
Please remember that full tuition must be paid, during those holidays and including the days that the weather forces us to close.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
FIRST EVALUATION OF THE SCHOOL YEAR: As always, we will have our first assessment for children in all areas of development and for all ages. Once the teachers have finished the assessment, parents will receive it for their review to be informed about their child’s cognitive status at the beginning of the year. The children will have the second evaluation in February. Comparing both evaluations we will be able to know how the learning progress was. If there is any question, a conference can be held to discuss any concerns parents may have and most importantly, discuss the solution of any problems together before the end of the school year in May 2022.
HOMEWORK: We would like to emphasize that homework for children of 3 years up and up IS NOT mandatory. Our idea is to introduce our children into the routine they will have in elementary school, where homework IS mandatory. At no time do we want to create a stressful situation for parents and children. After all, each class / age has a very well-structured curriculum, and educational activities take place during the hours the children are at the center.
The sole objective of the homework is to accustom them to a situation that will present itself in their future. In this way, the transition for them will be smooth.