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From TOW family to yours!

August 2020, NEWSLETTER


Dear Parents,

It is with enthusiasm that we are starting the new school year 2020-2021. We are ready to continue to offer our expertise as school and as a childcare, keeping the high quality of care that we all want to continue to receive and give.
VPK will start on August 10th at TOW. We hope to see you all in here.
Good news for parents with school age children. We are offering at TOW the E-learning (and FLVS) virtual education school.  Lots of parents are working and cannot dedicate time to this educational tool.
Please call us and we will give you all the steps we are taking to organize this teaching service. It is only for children that attends K-5th Grade.

About the COVID-19:
We have been open since March 16th. We have been closed. We have never had one person infected, which is something that a lot of childcare centers cannot say.
We are so proud of that because even though we all know we can be infected in many different places, we know that we are at TOW  extremely careful and extremely obsessed disinfecting classrooms, devices, and every academic tool we are using.
Every night we are spreading our classrooms with disinfectant that the landlord has provided to us. Also, every month we move children to a different room and apply a deep cleaning in the empty classroom that includes furniture, floor carpet and walls. Cubbies, cribs, and cots are disinfected every afternoon. We also have a disinfectant device that vaporizes alcohol. We use it in each room to disinfect the children back packs.
So, we are fighting against the virus at TOW.
We want to thank our parents for all the cooperation they have given us in changing the routine at TOW.
As the NIKE new commercial stands: “Nothing can’t stop what we can do together.”
For the new parents that are starting next week, here are some important guidelines to follow.
In the morning, parents can walk in the entrance hall and ring the doorbell of the “silver” door. We receive the children one by one. Took their temperatures and disinfect their hands with hand sanitizer.
We encourage parents to wear mask and keep social distance also.
In the afternoon, parents ring the doorbell again and we delivery the children to them.
It is amazing how all the children, inclusive the little ones, have collaborate with this routine. It is working better for parents and children because children do not have any anxiety as they had when parents were leaving them inside the classrooms.

Mis Bianca and Miss Yicel
Let’s work together and come back to a beautiful life!