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Happy Valentine’s Day!

In February we will learn about love, friendship, and give hugs and smiles to everybody!

Here is an  interesting information about the month of February that you can share with your child:

Why is February the shortest month?

The second king of Rome, Numa Pompilius, decided to make the calendar more accurate by syncing it up with the actual lunar year—which is about 354 days long. Numa tacked on two months—January and February—after December to account for the new days.

What February is known for?

50 years later, the week became a month, and today February is celebrated as African American History Month. The month of February was chosen because it celebrates the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, both of whom dramatically affected the lives of African Americans.


We will enjoy a fabulous Valentine’s Day Party on Thursday, February 14th for each classroom. Please look for a sign up sheet on the door of your child’s room.

Very important: Do not miss the Parent’s monthly Activity for the month of February. Ask your child’s teacher for more information.

We are sending emails to the parents who have given us their email addresses. However, some of them have been returned. If that is your case, please check the information on the Parent’s board about the steps to follow in order to correct this situation ASAP.