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Spring is here – There are many changes in nature during the spring.

The rain prepares the soil for new life, plants grow from seeds and bulbs, and baby birds are hatched from their shells. 

April showers bring May Flowers!

April is National Poetry Month! Our children will be learning about rhythm and rhymes and spending time reading poems galore.

It’s a good time to acknowledge that April is the Military Child’s Month, which recognizes the sacrifices military children make when the parents serve. We congratulate our military parents of TOW and celebrate with them the courage of their children.

April 2nd. International Children Book Day

During all month of April, we will invite all the parents who want to read a book to the children. Please ask your child’s teacher for the most convenient time. Our Children love it!

If you have any extra books at your home and you would like to donate them, we will appreciate it very much.

April 2nd.   Picture’s Day for VPK, PK and siblings.

April 3rd. Picture’s Day for Infants and Toddlers.

APRIL 19th. Good Friday and Easter party!!!! our Easter egg hunt is at 3:15 pm.

Check for the information on the Parent’s bulletin Board.



APRIL 22nd Earth Day:  People in over one hundred different countries join together in what has become the largest, most celebrated environmental event worldwide. On Monday April 22nd. we will do a project in all the classrooms to celebrate this event.



National take your child to work day is recognized on the fourth Thursday in April, each year. Is a United States and Canada Educational Event. Don’t miss it.