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As we all know being a preschool teacher is not as easy as many portray it to be. It comes with numerous rewards including those snuggly hugs from the little ones! All our staff gives a special thanks to all the parents who have been grateful for all the hard work they do every day. All the gesture received were amazing!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our amazing Moms!
You all work so hard to provide the best life for your child and you are doing a fantastic job. Come celebrate your motherhood with us on Friday 11th from 7:30 to 9:00 AM. We will have Muffins, Coffee and Donuts to enjoy on your way to work.
May is Get Caught Reading Month:
We invite parents on Friday May 25th to come in and read their child’s favorite book to the class. We invite all parents to participate in this important event. Get caught reading is a nationwide campaign to remind people of all ages how much fun it is to read. Exposure to language at a young age has been proven to stimulate brain growth in children, and children who have regularly been read to have a big advantage over their peers by the time they start school.
Please, remember that books are a treasure. If you are moving or are planning to give away extra new/gently used books please bring them to the center. We will classify them per ages. Thank you for your support.
2018 VPK PROM:
We are delighted to announce our VPK Prom at TOW on May 4th. All VPK’s children can enjoy 2 hours of games and music. Miss Lianet and Miss Starlena are organizing this event and will care for and entertain the children. Parents will drop their children at the center at 7:00 PM and pick them up at 9:00 PM.
VPK Graduation day:
Thursday May 24th. We will provide all the details this month.
World Finest Chocolate will be doing a raffle for all the parents who helped sell all the boxes. The prize is a One Day Spa!
Important Reminders:
Monday May 28th the center will be closed in observance of Memorial Day. Tuition for that week is paid in full, as always. The VPK tuition will change on May 28th. Please ask Miss Lianet for details.
We also want to remind parents of the importance of paying tuition on time. Tuition is our ONLY source of income and if we don’t get it on time, we cannot honoree all the expenses we have to pay on our due dates, to keep the center as all of us want.