Newsletter March 2018

Dear Parents

With the days getting longer and Springtime just around the corner we leap into March with a renewed sense of excitement. We welcome again Miss Aixa to our teaching team in the 3 years old class. She brings much experience in Early Childhood Education to our school. Please introduce yourself and help her feel at home again.

Our unit of study this month is Rainbows! We will learn how rainbows form, begin learning more about the weather in our discussions about rain. The color spectrum will be explored though many wonderful books, art creations and many discovery-based science lessons. They sky’s the limit this month with our art creations, Literally! We feel rainbows hold magic and promise and when we see them I think even as adults we feel a bit happier.

We will also use the rainbow to continue with personal health and begin discussing nutrition and the importance of eating a “rainbow” of growing food. Please help to incorporate this into lunch items by providing a bit of extra color. Even it is a food your child doesn’t typically eat, give a try!

Get involved!. NEA’s Read Across America Day is a nationwide reading celebration that takes place annually on March 2nd. Dr Seuss birthday.

 Parents are invited to read a book in their children’s room. Please ask Miss Yicel or Miss Lianet to participate in this important event.

St. Patrick’s Day Party celebration on March 16th, 2018.

Sign up list posted in each classroom.

Happy Birthday to:

Dr Seuss, March 2nd – Camille, March 6th-Sebastian, March 21st -Thor and Acelin, March 29th