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Dear Parents,

  • During the first weeks of school, children and parents are setting into their new routines. Parents and teachers at TOW are perfectly aware that the high quality and appropriate developmental programs starting with Infants, benefit the short-term as well as long-term the cognitive and social development of the children.


That is why the attendance is so important. Parents must participate in school as well as provide reinforcement at home. The success of our children is in the hands of the teachers and parents. Let’s work together in building the path of future leaders.


  • If your child cannot attend the center, please call to let us know.


IMPORTANT: As always, we will have our first evaluation in all developmental areas for all ages. After that, we will have Parents-Teachers conference to discuss any concerns you may have and the most important thing, discuss together the solution of any problem.



Infants, Younger Ones and Older Ones:  Monday 09/24   at 6:30pm

Twos and Threes: Tuesday 09/25 at 6:30 pm

Fours and VPK: Wednesday 09/26 at 6:30 pm

Please stop at the Director’s office to let us know if you will come.


NEWS: We are changing our security surveillance cameras. We apologize for the inconvenience parents may have during this process.

We are also replacing the security lock at the entrance. Being a lock that is used intensely, the lock broke. We will replace it next week.


Reminder: Remember to pay the tuition every Monday, week in advance. Remember that payments are the only economic resource of the center. And we all want to continue to improve the place where our children spend most of their time.


Thank you