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Time of Wonder Academy February’s Newsletter

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 It is February already! Does time fly by? It is Amazing.

January was a great month for us here at TOW! We rang in the New Year and are ready to make the best of 2023! The children are in full learning mode and cannot wait to celebrate all the events for this month!

Just a reminder: tuition is always due Monday of the current week of attendance.  If you may have any questions, please email us at timeofwondertow@gmail.com.

Let us talk with your child, at school and at home, about all these interesting dates and celebrations.


This month we celebrate the contribution to our nation made by people of Africa descent. This celebration began as a way of remembering important people and events in the history of the African diaspora.

GROUNDHOG DAY: February 2nd.

Teachers will explain our children what means this celebration. Videos will be provided to give them a better idea.

SUPER BOWL: February 11th.

On Friday February 10th we will celebrate the Super Bowl dress down day! Let your child wear his favorite team colors!

100 DAYS CELEBRATION: February 11th.

This day is our 100 days of school celebration. YAY 100 days! With the activities planned to celebrate this day, teachers will build an important mathematical concept – Introduce them of the decimal system and place value.

VALENTINE’S DAY: February 14th.

Make sure your child wear something red or pink. If you like to bring in treats, a list will be posted at the front glass. You can add any treat you would like to share.

2023 VPK and Kindergarten registrations began already. Information is posted at the front door. Do the enrollment with time. it is a first come first serve basis. Spots are filling up so please hurry!

Happy Valentine’s Day! This month we will learn about love, friendship, and give hugs and smiles to everybody!  Let us celebrate every minute by enjoying our children and relatives who are close to us. Do not miss any opportunity to hug and kiss them.