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Gross motor development is a strong part of our curriculum. Activities to strengthen the muscles are often done inside, however, gross motor skill progression can truly be honed on the playground. Our outdoor equipment is strategically designed to allow your child to have the freedom to run, jump, hop, skip and PLAY.

Students learn to climb, swing, and will create games to make them socially and physically active. It always amazes us to see how quickly students harness these skills and how the social connectedness of play bridges the gap between veteran and new students. We enjoy making PLAY a large part of our curriculum in each of our classes.


We have begun our annual evaluations and will continue throughout October. Results can   be discussed with your child’s teacher, however, any concerns about your child should be addressed with a member of the administrative team so that the proper resources and  referrals can be provided.  Your child’s care and growth is EXTREMELY important to us, and we want to ensure that special consideration is taken for each parent when reviewing information regarding your precious Wonder.

REMINDER:  Tuition is due on Monday by 3 pm.  Unfortunately, without payment, your child may not be allowed to enter the center on subsequent days until a payment is made. Prepayment is allowed as are a variety of payment options including cash, credit/debit, check and automated ACH withdrawals.  Please help us to be aware of any issue that arises that will prevent your Monday Payment.



Pumpkin Carving Event!

There is Magic in the Night when Pumpkin Glow by moonlight. Join us October 31st from 3-6 for our pumpkin carving Bring in a pumpkin Wednesday morning.

The Center will close at 6:00pm.

Trunk o Treat Event!

Join us for our Trunk o Treat outside afterwards. We will be using the student’s pumpkins as decorations. For our Little ones we will have tables for them to paint and for our older kids they will be carving a pumpkin and then adding a light to make it glow.