Welcome to Time of Wonder Academy!
TIME OF WONDER ACADEMY (TOW) is more than a Preschool. It's an Academy where we emphasize the well being and education of the children in our care. Our goal at has always been to love, educate and inspire our children. We aim to help them develop into excellent human beings. 

At TOW, we are developing the minds of future leaders.

The first four years of your child’s life are a period of unparalleled growth in all areas of his development. This is the time when children learn social skills,  develop concepts and values, as well as attitudes that last their whole life.

Recent research about how rapidly babies' brains grow and develop, underscore the importance of these years for giving your baby off to a good start.
Then it is crucial that your child be exposed to the RIGHT kind of stimulation to see the positive results.

In our center, you will discover that our programs have been carefully designed for those precious early years.

Our goal is to work together with parents, providing a safe and happy learning environment for your children. We strive for continuous, honest communication between TOW's staff and parents in order to optimize your child's experience and also give parents peace of mind throughout their work day.

As Socrates said "Wisdom begins in Wonder." We like add: Wisdom begins on the path of explore, experiment and learn.  And in Time of Wonder, we guide our children on the path of Wisdom.


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