Parents shopping Day out is Saturday December 16th

You can leave your child at the center from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. and go shopping for Christmas gifts without be worried of your child. Fees apply. The list is posted on the board at the entrance of the center. Don’t miss it!!!

Mark your calendars!

1.- Tuesday, December 19th: Santa is coming to TOW!. We will take “TOW pictures” to give out to the parents before Christmas. Please bring a $5.00 gift wrapped and with your child’s name. Give it to the office. Santa will hand it to your child. 2.- Friday, December 15th: Parents come have breakfast with your […]

Gifted parents, gifted children, gifted teachers

We want to take this opportunity to be so grateful with our parents who have given us the opportunity for one more year to be part of their families. And our children, we love all of them. They are the sugar and spice on our daily work. They make our days go by easy and […]

Brain Development

Early Brain Development Development Milestones Early Brain Development Did you know? Parents and caregivers have a positive influence on the brain development of their young children. Young children benefit when parents and caregivers are provided with education about healthy brain development. The first six years of life are the most important for healthy brain development. Brain […]